Drink All The Water

Two days in a row of going to the gym before work! Who is this person? Actually, I’m still me, I’ve just been hiding for a while. Best reason for going before work is the lack of people. Yesterday there were three others there, and today I shared the gym with one other person. I was super sore last night/this morning, so today I stuck with cardio. I’m easing back into weights/strength training. It’s no secret that I can get bored easily, so today I switched things up. 15 minutes on the bike, 10 minutes on the elliptical, and 10 minutes on the treadmill. Then I was a good girl and actually stretched for 5 or so minutes before showering. So far, I’m pleased that I’ve been two days in a row. I’ve never hid that fact that workouts/going to the gym come easy for me or are second nature, so all the days are victories.

So, the immediate effect that I have encountered since being active is my need for all the water. Typically, if I’m doing nothing, I’m lucky if I drink 30 oz of water a day (bad, I know). Yesterday it was a little better, and I got about 55 oz in. But today I’ve been so thirsty. By the time I got to work, I had already drank 48 oz (24 at the gym, and 24 on my way to work). I’m at about 75 now (at 1:30 pm). My bladder is going to explode. I have to go to the bathroom about every hour and a half today. At least I’m getting up from my desk more often though!!


Day 1 at the gym was a success!

I did it! I got up early this morning, and went to the gym! And I loved it. It wasn’t very intense, because well, I hadn’t worked out at all in probably two months. I did 10 minutes on the bike, a 20 minute circuit, and a short cool down on the elliptical. Plan is to do it again tomorrow!

Can I just say how much I’m loving this weather. Yesterday it was close to 80, and about the same today!

Sorry for the short post, but it’s almost quittin’ time! signature



April Goals


After just being in a funk that I couldn’t get out of, I’m finally feeling like my old self again! Here are a few goals I’ve set for April 1. Under 280 lbs. I weighed in at 287 yesterday, and that just isn’t cool. Gaining 20ish lbs since Christmas has made me feel horrible. Losing […]

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I’m Back (again), and sticking around this time!


This title seems to have been a theme the last couple months. But I’m feeling a lot better (aka motivated) this time. Like for real motivated, not just saying it. I can say that my eating has really been spot on the last week or so. So, it’s a step in the right direction! Lunch […]

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I’m Still Alive!

Gin Harrisonburg

I’m still alive, just really busy. Two weeks ago started another class (Economics), and it is so much more work, and harder, than any of my classes up until now. So far, I’m starting off with good grades(!), but I’m having to work my ass off for them. Last weekend when our first assignments were […]

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Scale Tales


Like I said yesterday, I’m back! I had a couple of rough weeks, so I decided that I needed a couple weeks away from the blog to get back on track. And I am. I still weighed in during my break, and last week I saw 285.8 (sad face), but this week I lost 4 […]

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