Back to Real Life

Staycation ended on Sunday, and it was a sad day. I definitely didn’t want to come back to work, but I can say I came back yesterday feeling refreshed. Sometimes we just need a little break! This morning was back at the gym. Week before last my allergies attacked and I just had zero energy to move (sneezing constantly, plus a constant headache didn’t make for any gym motivation), and last week I was enjoying my time bumming at home. I did do a couple of home workouts, but never went to the gym, and I’m ok with that. I registered for the Hokie Half Marathon in October. Here is my real shot at actually doing 13.1-since it won’t be freezing cold while training. So I hopped on the treadmill this morning, and it was hard. It’s crazy how fast cardiovascular fitness is lost! I’m doing well with the strength training, but I definitely need to up my cardio! Official training will start in June for the half, so until then I’m going to work on upping my cardio fitness and slowly increasing mileage! I’ll probably do most of my training outdoors-I find it so much easier than the treadmill, but at least I have a back up in case the weather is bad!

My favorite part of staycation (other than catching up on sleep) was the time spent with the dogs! I wish I could spend time with them all day, every day!

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Staycation 2014

Sorry for the pause in posting again. Last week was really busy school/work wise, and my allergies were attacking me like crazy. And this week is staycation, so I’ve not been on the inter webs so much. The whole full time employee and full time student thing was wearing me down a little, so a break from work was needed. And luckily this is a lighter homework week, so it worked out perfectly. So, not much has been missed by me not posting in the last week or so.

Before I sign off, I do have to mention yesterday. 7 years since life changed. 7 years since I lost a friend. 7 years since the community I love was hurt. Not a day goes by I don’t think about it, even after all of this time. Nightmares are still had about that horrific snowy April day. Many people celebrate the unity and community of the Hokie Nation on April 16th, but I’m still not at that point. It is still very much a sad day for me. It is a time when I can still remember seeing my mom’s face when she saw me. I still remember hearing a woman crying hysterically at The Inn at VT (where I met my mom that day) when she realized that her child hadn’t been heard from (that still haunts me). And I remember the very moment that day I found out one of my friends was a victim. But even through the heartache that I still feel, I remember the closeness that was felt by the community. Even the people that didn’t know anyone personally was affected, and we all went through it together.

hokieshokies2And instead of ending this post on a heavy note, here is a throwback Thursday picture-in 2006, winning best junior at the Dalmatian Club of the Piedmont specialty with my best friend, Marlin.



Drink All The Water


Two days in a row of going to the gym before work! Who is this person? Actually, I’m still me, I’ve just been hiding for a while. Best reason for going before work is the lack of people. Yesterday there were three others there, and today I shared the gym with one other person. I was […]

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Day 1 at the gym was a success!

I did it! I got up early this morning, and went to the gym! And I loved it. It wasn’t very intense, because well, I hadn’t worked out at all in probably two months. I did 10 minutes on the bike, a 20 minute circuit, and a short cool down on the elliptical. Plan is to […]

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April Goals


After just being in a funk that I couldn’t get out of, I’m finally feeling like my old self again! Here are a few goals I’ve set for April 1. Under 280 lbs. I weighed in at 287 yesterday, and that just isn’t cool. Gaining 20ish lbs since Christmas has made me feel horrible. Losing […]

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I’m Back (again), and sticking around this time!


This title seems to have been a theme the last couple months. But I’m feeling a lot better (aka motivated) this time. Like for real motivated, not just saying it. I can say that my eating has really been spot on the last week or so. So, it’s a step in the right direction! Lunch […]

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