Intuitive Eating

I haven’t tracked a single bite of food since the end of June. That is two months with no tracking or counting calories/points. This has been the best two months of this journey by far.  I’ve lost about 5 lbs (after some yo-yoing through the end of July). This is all complicated in my head, so hopefully it forms clear words on paper my computer screen. Since I haven’t been tracking, I feel less pressure to be perfect. Before, I felt the need to stay within 1400 calories a day (my doctor had recommended 1200-1600 at the beginning of the year), and as soon as I went over 1400, I went off the deep end by saying screw it for the rest of the day.  I honestly have no idea how many calories I’m eating a day right now. Sure, I could track them, but I don’t want to because I know what it will lead to. I have been sticking to breakfast, lunch and dinner, and occasionally a snack or desert. I’ve learned that I can go about 4-5 hours between meals (as long as they are substantial) without the real need for a snack. I’m actually listening to my body, and it is working (imagine that??)! Have I been 100% perfect, no, I haven’t. But I don’t jump on the binge cycle like I use to when I’d go over my calories for the day. I’m sticking to mostly clean, unprocessed foods, and it’s making my body satisfied. Sure, I’ve had some bread or some ice cream, but not daily, and only as treats. For whatever reason, this is working for me, and I’m going to keep letting it work!

I have never, ever had consistent loses for a month, this is the first time that has ever happened, and I give this the credit (and me, of course). I’m treating food how it is suppose to be treated–as fuel for my body with the occasional treat thrown in. Doing the Whole30 was the best thing I have ever done. Making the decision to go Paleo (for the most part) was the other best decision I could have done for this journey.

For those curious, this is what my typical day looks like:
Breakfast: 2-3 eggs (sometimes scrambled with veggies), 1-2 slices of turkey bacon, sometimes fruit
Lunch: lately it has been a ground turkey, spinach, zucchini, squash, sweet potato skillet thing that I created (I really should post the recipe, it is amazing)
Dinner: grilled or baked meat (steak, pork chops, fish, chicken), grilled/roasted veggies (2 servings), and sometimes a small side salad

It is honestly a lot less that I ate before doing Whole30, but I’m staying so much more satisfied than by filling up on fast food or other processed foods.

In other news, (at least don’t think I posted this) last Wednesday I had a follow up Dr’s appointment with bloodwork, and all of my numbers are in the normal range now. When I first really recommitted back in January and went in my A1C, Cholesterol and Thyroid was all high. My thyroid is still being controlled with meds, but my A1C and cholesterol have went down as I’ve improved my diet and increased exercise! My cholesterol (total) actually went down about 20 points in the last 3 months. My BP was also slightly high back in January, and it has been consistently normal my last couple of appointments. Healthy is the goal, and I’m getting there!



  1. Congratulations on the numbers being in the normal range! What an amazing accomplishment!

    I recently started the intuitive eating as well and I am no longer tracking either. It has made such a difference mentally for me. I personally threw my scale away and am just using measurements to track my progress and I have found an amazing change in my thoughts and feelings about myself and my body. I know it doesn’t work for everyone though.. I had a couple weeks where I stumbled around with eating what I wanted but now I feel like I’m on a better track of choosing healthy foods and listening to my body.

    I really hope your journey continues to progress on this positive path!


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  2. […] for blood work, and learned that I was hypothyroid, had PCOS, as well as high cholesterol. By September, my A1C and cholesterol numbers were in the normal […]

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